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by Liana on November 25, 2013

For those of you who follow my husband, Mike, or me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook – you’re likely already aware that we’ve been working on launching a new business!

It’s been in the works for quite some time.  The idea for Maycomb Mercantile was “born” shortly after our first son, Atticus, was born.  In fact, the name is inspired by our son as well – Maycomb is the fictional town in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ – Atticus Finch was the inspiration for our Atticus.  And our second son, Colman, has the middle name Jack.  This name comes from my dad and also is the name of Atticus’ brother in the book.  Crazy how that worked out.  Anyways…on to the new business…

Mike and I had already been doing letterpress work for over two years and he had recently gotten into leatherwork when Atticus was born (20 months ago).  He opened a small shop on Big Cartel and sold a number of camera straps, wallets, passport covers and other items to customers as far as Europe, Russia, and Australia.

MaycombMercantile WebsiteCart


In the meantime, I’d been on the lookout for super-cute baby-boy clothes and accessories and came up short on a number of items.  It was only natural that I turned to Mike to make a custom leather baby belt and bow tie for Atticus when I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the stores or online.  Fast-forward many months and we’re now just days away from bringing these same items to market!  We’re calling it  “The Little Man Line.”

LittleManLine BabyBowTie


We decided Kickstarter would be a great way to raise the funds necessary to really get this project off the ground. The way Kickstarter works is that people – ANYONE – for as little as $1 can become a “backer” of your project.  By becoming a backer you are helping out a small business — and depending on the level you back at — you get a reward.  Rewards in our own campaign range from small items like letterpress thank you cards to more extensive rewards like bow-tie-and-belts for your “Little Man.”  We’ve also got rewards for backers who might not want baby boy or kids stuff – custom belts and letterpress stationery.  Even a letterpress and leather experience where you and a friend can come to our studio and learn to make something of your own with our guidance!


Kickstarter logo light


The thing about Kickstarter is it is an All-Or-Nothing platform.  If we do not meet our goal (raise $5,000 in just over two weeks) then we do NOT get ANY of the money and no one pays and no one gets their rewards.  So it’s a win-win or loose-loose.  Nothing in between.


BabyBelts LittleManLine


This project has been exciting and exhausting.  The prep alone took months of planning and work.  We know that a majority of funding happens on the first and last days of a campaign, and we were also picked on the first day as a “Staff Pick” so that has gotten us additional exposure.  People we’ve never met before (in person or via social media) are backing us on this project!   And we have had a TON of support from friends and family that have been cheering us on for months now. It’s an exciting time for small business to have platforms like Kickstarter available to us!

Well, enough chatter about all this… I’ll go ahead and let you see our video “pitch” if you haven’t already.  It’s the main way people communicate their project idea on Kickstarter.

The next step it to ***CLICK HERE*** to check out the rewards in detail.  We’d LOVE for you to become a backer.  Even if none of the rewards interest you, you can back us for as little as ONE dollar.  It’s all connected via Amazon checkout so if you already have an amazon.com account it’s super easy to pledge and no one gets charged UNLESS we make our goal ($5,000) by 11:59PM EST Monday December 2nd (that’s just over one week away!)


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