Halloween 2014 – Our Little Messieurs

by Liana on November 1, 2014


My parameters for Halloween costumes for the boys this year were the same as last year:  simple, quick, and (hopefully) super-cute!  I made their scarves and little red hats (with the help of dear husband actually stitching them with his leather machine) in about an hour the night before.  The tops I found at H&M for five bucks.  Add in a mini mustache for each of them plus a few loafs of french bread – and wah-la – you have little french baker men!!  

 Meet Monsieur Henri Le Claire and Monsieur Pierre:

FrenchMan Halloween Costumes

LianaPhotography Toddler FrenchMan

Both sets of grandparents came by again this year so we had lots of help reminding Monsieur Le Claire to say “Merci” after getting handfuls of candy from each of our neighbors.  Mike and the grandpas ended up holding down the fort at our house, passing out candy while the ladies and little french men went trick-or-treating.  

LianaPhotography Baby FrenchMan

Next year we may get REALLY crazy and actually carve pumpkins with the boys!  Happy Halloween 2014! 

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