Life Was Better When I Blogged

by Liana on October 29, 2014

Life was better when I blogged.  I can’t explain it other than I feel like something is missing lately in life, in business.  I just opened up my MarsEdit tool and realized I’ve sadly only posted 3 entries in 2014 thus far.  

I have SO much I wish I’d documented in photos and words for this year.  There is so much I’ve put off blogging about because everything else in life has become the priority.  I blame work, two rambunctious boys, too much clutter (physically and mentally), and the rise of cluttered social media streams.  I usually post on Instagram or Faceook if there’s something to share.  It’s more accessible and easier than blogging.  

So my challenge to myself for the remaining 9 weeks of 2014 is to blog FOUR times a week.  Even if it means getting up and hour earlier (before the boys are up and demanding my attention).  Will you keep me accountable for it??  

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