OUR Maternity Portraits – Round Two!

by Liana on March 21, 2012

Today – March 21, 2012 – marks my official DUE DATE for our little guy to arrive, however he is still snug-as-a-bug inside my belly.  I’ve heard it called “guess-date” by many, and for good reason – only 5% of babies arrive on their “due date.”  Statistics show that most first-time moms deliver closer to 41 weeks versus 40 weeks so I’m not worried quite yet.  Both baby boy and I are in great health so my doctor is not worried about inducing anytime soon (not unless I go past 42 weeks).

It’s interesting though how many calls, texts, messages we get asking if I’m in labor yet … and Mike reminds him regularly “hey buddy, you can come out now!”  He is so excited to meet his son!!

Since I do not yet have baby pictures to share on this day we’ve been anticipating for so long… I’ll share more belly pictures instead.

Even though I was hesitant about having maternity portraits made, I ended up doing not one but TWO sessions – this one with Sara – and another one with Karlin (below).   I love how working with two different photographers, during different times of the day, yielded such dramatically different results!  These were all taken around sunset, in a part of our home that does not get much light to begin with, so it was a unique challenge for Karlin to capture these before most of our natural light was gone.  I love the glow and warmth of these.

Charlie filled in as my companion for this shoot since Mike was not able to join me.  Between the two kitties, Charlie seems much more “in-tune” with the fact that there’s a little life growing inside of me.  He regularly cuddles up to my belly and puts his paws on it for periods of time to feel the movements.  On the other hand, I think Grace, our little girl kitty, is in denial.

Love all of the negative space in this last shot – very dramatic.

Thank you Karlin for these golden keepsakes!!

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