What’s been going on!?

by Liana on March 18, 2014

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve updated things on here.  Here’s what is new since I last posted: 

December 2014

– Our Kickstarter was successfully funded!  Thank you SO much to our backers!  Mike spent most of December fulfilling our Kickstarter rewards while I worked on photo, video, and consulting work.

– Photographed a wedding for friends of mine that I met when we all went on a mission trip together in 2008.  So happy to be there to document things for them!

– Right before Christmas, we took a short weekend vacation to the mountains with the boys and my parents.  It was lovely to get out of town for a bit, completely away from work, and relax.  It ended up being rainy the whole time but that didn’t stop us from enjoying time in the hot tub with a lovely view!!



– I have another series of gallbladder attacks and continue to weigh my options (to have surgery or to not?).  I try taking Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for the first time when I start to feel an attack come on (these pains are worse than labor with no meds!!).  Turns out to be a MIRACLE that the ACV really helps.  I’ve not had a full-blown attack since before Christmas now because I take ACV somewhat regularly and have been pickier about what I eat.  All of this started after I had Colman in October.  I had a series of attacks in October, November, then December that made me want to rush to the emergency room each time.  Apparently it’s quite common in woman after giving birth and dropping weight rapidly.  That’s often what triggers it.  I did not however want to undergo major surgery if the issue would resolve on its own or through natural methods.  So far, the ACV is keeping me from going under the knife!  Very thankful for this!   

– For my birthday (4 days after Christmas) we went out on a double date to dinner and to the movies (first time going to the movies in a YEAR almost!!) and it was PERFECT.  Then we celebrated with a small dinner with my family too.  

– We went out for a small intimate dinner for New Years Eve with two other couples and that too was PERFECT.  No fuss or big parties.  Home well before midnight with the boys already in bed.  A great way to wrap up 2013!!

NYE Dinner


January 2014

– We had a series of business planning meetings for Maycomb Mercantile, Liana Photography, and my teaching/consulting too.  

– We hire a designer and start the process of a major rebrand for Liana Photography and our parent company.  This involves a lot of research and soul-searching. 

– “Snowmageddon” happens in Atlanta. The city shuts down and it takes friends and family upward of 12 hours to get home in the gridlock.  Everyone is snowed in for the greater part of a week.

– We take a few road-trips for business-related research and development.  


February 2014

– Lots of orders come in for Maycomb Mercantile as we slowly populate the website and produce new pieces. 

– We are approached about joining a retail space here in Atlanta

–  Brand development continues.  We are in desperate need of new website for Liana Photography as it was last built out in 2009 and has some flash elements included.  I begin work on this.  If I start now, it might be ready by June!  

– We were snowed in for ANOTHER week!  This time, right before Valentines day so we did lots of cooking and taught Atticus how to make heart-shaped cookies.



– We begin work on a major (secret-for-now) family and business project.  


March 2014

– It’s March already!!??  Time is going by so quickly!  

– I begin finding ways to streamline our systems and processes even more so that we can serve Liana Photography clients even better.  Again, lots and lots of research and trying things out.  

– We find out we will be part of the ICE Atlanta Downtown Pop Up Party on March 29th and have lots to do in preparation for this. 

– We sign on with the retail space and have lots to prepare for this as well.  


The Day-to-Day

All of the above are “highlights” so to speak.   In addition to the above, I’m keeping up with a handful of consulting clients and completing regular photography and video work as it comes in and clients get back to us on stuff.

My day-to-day is very much the life of a work-from-home mom.  I’ve got extremely limited business hours throughout the “workweek” from 9-5 and do a majority of my work in the evenings and after the boys are in bed for the night.  



I’m exhausted most of the time and feel like I’m failing my family and clients by not being able to do everything I want to do.  I know this is not true but it’s ME who puts unrealistic expectations on myself.  I also know that this is a PHASE we are going through right now.  When you’ve got a two under two, and your youngest relies on you for their food (nursing for about THREE hours a day now, down from four) then you have to cut yourself some slack and know things are going to be crazy for a while.  You learn to say “no” more often and realize that this phase of business and baby “startups” so to speak is absolutely crazy and there will be a time when there’s more margin in your life again.  I long for that but also am so happy with what we have on our proverbial “plates” right now.  

I could probably write post upon post about this topic.  So I will stop while I am ahead and save more for another day.  If you made it this far, thank you for reading along and sticking with me through this time of being an absentee blogger.  I’m hoping to get back to my “roots” of posting about the day-to-day things versus just photography or big announcements.  I miss that.    



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