As a professional wedding and/or portrait photography studio owner, it is important to realize that what we do is both an art and a business.  In order to serve our clients for years to come, it is critical to have systems in place that maximize our efficiency so we can spend more time working with our clients and on what is important.  Understanding our finances – overhead, cost of sales, taxes, pricing and compensation is all part of this.

Liana is passionate about helping other creative entrepreneurs understand the “not-fun-stuff-about-running-a-small-business.”  To date, she has taught 27 Photo Business Boot Camps in the US and abroad, and spoken at major industry events such as Imaging USA, WPPI, Chicks that Click, Pictage Partner Conferences, and State PPA Conventions.   She is one of the only professional wedding photographers who is accredited and actively teaching managerial accounting, finance, and business planning to other professional photography studios.  The information is based not just on her experience, but the principals taught in accredited colleges such as Harvard Business.  Classes are taught in a hands-on, small group environment so you actually leave with things accomplished and a plan of action.  DVDs are also available for purchase that cover some of the same materials in more detail.

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