Smith Family Portraits

by Liana on May 12, 2013

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of documenting a glimpse of a day-in-the-life of the Smith family.  Their daughter is not too much older than our son Atticus and it was so fun to see how interactive and mobile she is – a glimpse of what is to come so soon for us!

We started off with some fun time chasing bubbles outside with mom…

03SmyrnaGA FamilyPortrait Bubbles

Then inside for a few casual portraits…

02Casual Family Portrait Atlanta

01Casual Family Portrait Georgia

LOVE LOVE LOVE this series with baby girl trying on mommy’s shoes!!  So sweet!

07BabyGirl MomsShoes1

08BabyGirl MomsShoes2

09BabyGirlFeet MomsShoes

04Family Portraits ParentKiss

A few solo portraits of baby girl…

05ToddlerPortrait OnSofa

06ToddlerPortrait OnSofa BW

More bubbles with daddy!!

13BabyGirl AndDaddy Candid

10Baby And Bubbles1

11Baby And Bubbles2

12Baby And Bubbles3

14Toddler Getting Ready

Admiring her baby pearls, a beautiful gift.


Sometimes it’s candid moments like these where the true joy really shows through – these tend to be my favorite of an entire session.

16Fun Candid Toddler Pic

A special moment with mother and daughter.  One of my favorites.

17MotherDaughterPortrait Candid

We were going to have some quiet reading time in the bedroom next, but baby girl had better plans.  Dance party on the dresser was on the top of her to-do list…20Candid ToddlerFamily Portrait

18FlowerChild Mirror

19FlowerChild Baby DancingOnDresser

21Candid Toddler Portrait Laughing

This last image in black & white is a re-make of an image she took as a baby with her own mother.  So fun to try to emulate a photo that is so precious to their family.

22MotherDaughter Portrait BW

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